The Awakening
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Illustrator Unknown
Published on late 2014
Published by Unknown
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The Awakening is the first novel in The Secret Six series. It is set in New York, during early 2015. The novel will center on the six getting their powers and learning to control them.


They are six all different. Smart, popular, hot. They must come together and save the world from one of their own.

The Novel

It's a cold day here in Los Angeles, the 25th October; I mean it should be right? It is the middle of autumn after all Jacob wrote in the leather bound diary that lay beside his bed. "Jacob, hurry, you're going to be late for school. You already missed breakfast" Jacobs mother shouted. Jacob, not wanting to be late for school, closed the diary in a hurry and placed it in the place he always placed it; beneath his mattress, and made his way down stairs and out the front door, grabbing only his swimming bag as he went.